Nova Documentation



What are the advantages of Nova? Nova provides a secure, reliable, virtual hosting solution for your systems while eliminating the equipment and travel costs associated with conventional hosting. Nlets Secure Cloud Platform is located within our CJIS audited datacenter and has been built to streamline your journey toward achieving compliance. Nlets is uniquely positioned to provide virtual hosting to those in the law enforcement and public safety community. 

What types of security controls do you provide? Virtualized hosting customers have access to virtual firewalls to manage both internal and external security. There is no network connectivity between customers in the Nlets hosting facility. Our infrastructure features agentless anti-virus protection, a more efficient form of malware defense than traditional agent-based solutions. Additionally, Nova is equipped with intrusion detection software. 

How much control do I have over the specifications of my environment? We offer completely customized virtual servers. Choose your CPU, RAM, and Disk space up front and alter it as you go based on usage. You pay only for the resources you select.  Additionally, customers have the ability to share storage between servers.

How do I make alterations to my hosting specifications? Requests can be made by phone or email to our 24/7 help desk at (800) 528-4020 or 

What types of servers does your environment support? Nlets Secure Cloud Platform supports all Windows servers and most Linux servers. 

How can I get a quote? Visit to select your server specifications and receive a quote. 

Does hosting include access to the Nlets network? No. If you are interested in accessing the Nlets network for a purpose that supports the law enforcement and public safety community, inquire about Nlets' Strategic Partner program.