Nova - The Nlets Secure Cloud Platform

Request a Quote

You can use this tool to request a quote for your virtual environment in Nova. Click the 'Add Server' button to add a new server to your configuration, then select the specifications for that server and the number of that server build you will need. You can also specify whether this server will be available from the public internet or if it needs to be in a CJIS-compliant environment. You can then request a formal quote from Nlets using this configuration.

Bulk Import

CSV files must be in the following format: Quantity,Region,Operating System,CPUs,RAM,Storage,StorageSize (GB or TB),Premium,CJIS,Backup,Retention.
ex: 1,US West,Windows Server 2019,2,4,60,GB,No,No,Yes,30

Server Configurations

Select the number of CPU cores and the amount of RAM your server should be configured with.
The total amount of storage to be provisioned for your server, this amount can be split into multiple disks upon deployment. You can select Standard HDD for General Performance storage needs or Premium SSD for High Performance storage needs. Premium SSD is recommended for high transaction servers such as database servers and is only available for CJIS (Private) Servers.
If this server will be processing or storing CJI Data then select this option. Note that there is no inbound internet access to CJIS Servers, though the internet is still acessible from them.

If you would like your server to be backed up using Nova Backups then select this option. You can then specify how many days to retain backup data for this server. Note that if you do not use Nova Backups then your server will not be protected from data loss.

Additional Configuration

Additional Information